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Time Tracking Solutions

Five reasons to break the paper chain and switch to automated timesheets:

  1. Prevent time theft -- Paper timesheets leave companies vulnerable to employee time theft and timesheet padding, which costs US employers over $11 billion each year.

  2. End “buddy punching” -- Over 16 percent of hourly employees admit to “buddy punching” using paper timesheets, costing US employers $373 million each year.

  3. Get more accurate time data -- Paper timesheets and excel spreadsheets are inaccurate. They’re open to guesstimation and prone to getting misplaced.

  4. Decrease payroll processing time -- Paper timesheets are inefficient. Collecting timesheets, deciphering employee handwriting, and manually entering time data can add hours to payroll processes.

  5. Support labor law compliance -- Paper timesheets are a weak defense in employment lawsuits. In a case of “he said, she said” the employee almost always wins.



Get projects done on time with real-time project collaboration & tracking

Everything in Premium PLUS:

  • Track project progress to plan

  • Project estimates vs actuals reporting

  • Project activity feed

  • Timesheet signatures

  • Geofencing


$40/month + $10/user/month



Easily track time & attendance for your workforce, no mater where they work

  • Track time on any device

  • Mobile app with GPS

  • Streamlined payroll and invoicing

  • QuickBooks integration

  • Patriot Payroll integration

  • Job and shift scheduling

  • Real-time reports

  • See who's working

  • Time-off management

  • Alerts and notifications

  • Photo attachments

  • Time clock kiosk with facial recognition

  • Unlimited live customer support


$20/month + $8/user/month

toggl track.png

Toggl Track

From the Free version, all the way to Enterprise, there's a solution for anyone with Toggl

  • Easy push-button task-switching from browser or app

  • Idle detection

  • Imports & Exports

  • 100+ integrations

  • Reporting



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